Is my child old enough to babysit?

Most states do not have any formal laws surrounding how old a child should be before they start babysitting. The state of Michigan recommends that a child be 12 years old, but the decision is ultimately left up to both the babysitter's parents and the children's parents. 

Caring for children is a big responsibility. All babysitters, regardless of age, should be mature and responsible. I recommend encouraging your child to start gaining experience by caring for children while an adult is present. Once your child has gained some supervised experience and has proven that they are responsible when caring for children, they will likely be ready to take Babysitting 101 and start babysitting independently. 

Does my child need to bring anything to class?

Please bring a sack lunch and water bottle to class! All other supplies will be provided. 

Will this class result in a CPR Certification?

No. Although students will be taught the basics of CPR, this class does not meet the requirements for full CPR certification. 

Can I reserve a class for a group of students?

Absolutely! Please contact me with details and I will work with you to schedule a class. Group pricing is available. 

What is your illness or inclement weather policy?

If your child cannot make it to class due to an illness or unforeseen circumstance, please contact me in advance to reschedule. 


In instances of severe weather, decisions will be made based on Holland conditions and closures. You will be notified via phone or email no later than 7am on the day of class. If class continues despite weather conditions, use your best judgment on road conditions in your area. If you choose to stay home, please contact me in advance to reschedule. 

What is your COVID-19 protocol?

​In order to comply with state mandates, masks will be required during class. Disposable masks will be provided, or your child may bring their own. Hand sanitizer will also be provided for use before and after any hands-on activities, and students will be asked to social distance as much as possible. If your child is unable to wear a mask, is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone that tested positive for COVID-19 in the two weeks prior to class, please contact me in advance to reschedule. 

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